About Penger

Penger Business Center is the local brand of shared commercial offices with the most bases in Taiwan. Our corporate mission is to create the best chained entrepreneurial environment in the Taiwan market so that global corporate teams can quickly and easily establish new businesses in Taiwan or its branch offices. Our major services include quality office facility management such as counter secretarial services, independent executive suite offices, public lounges, professional conference rooms, local business registration(Taiwan), domestic accounting and patent expert services, and online local community resources provisions. It helps our international customers to create a comfortable and efficient working environment. At present, we have helped and support our clients to enter regional and global markets like Hong Kong, China, Singapore, Japan, USA, Germany, Switzerland, the Netherlands, etc. They have successfully assisted them in operating a branch in Taiwan and with the option of expanding to the China market in the future. Would you like to operate a branch or establish a new company in Taiwan? Contact us now and let our professional service team assist you in your business.

Penger Office Services

The services we provide are as follows:

Independent office space

Shared personal desk services

Secretarial business services (reception/receiving/telephone/fax in the lobby)

Providing a video conference room

Local business registration of establishment

Local accounting/legal/patent expertise services

Facilitate registration of regional business and establishment(Greater China markets in particular)

Why choose Penger?

Penger offers a wide variety of services with benefits. Thus, choosing our services will allow you to access the following services:

Provision of multi-location services in northern, central and southern cities of Taiwan.

Turnkey services for the establishment of a company in Taiwan with the promise for long-term sustainable operation

Flexibility in-office use with a change of space by city locations

Business lobby and exclusive secretary service reception establishment

Independent office rental starts for only USD 350 per month

Free meeting conference room

Complete business decoration furniture and equipment

Join key local business social groups

Free consultation with local accounting/legal/patent expertise services

Taiwan’s Locations

Taipei City

Address:8F-15 413 Linshen North Road, Taipei City Taiwan
Tel: +886 0908-001622  
Time:Mon thru Friday 9:00~18:00
Taiwan’s Locations

Taoyuan City

Taoyuan Address: 5F 987 Chunze Road, Taoyuan District Taoyuan City Taiwan 
Chungli Address:  11F 18 Huan-Nang Road Pingzhen District Taoyuan City Taiwan
Tel: +886 03-4949421 Ms. Tsai or mobile 0908-001622
Time:Mon thru Friday 9:00~18:00
Taiwan’s Locations

Hsinchu City

#1 Address:  4F 130 Siwei Road Hsinchu City Taiwan 
#2 Address:  7F 111 Shuyo Road Hsinchu City Taiwan
#3 Address:  3F 56 Jinkuo Road Sec2 Hsinchu City Taiwan 
Tel: +886 03-5456030 Ms. Lian or mobile 0908-001622
Time:Mon thru Friday 9:00~18:00
Taiwan’s Locations

Taichung City 

Address: 7F 89 Zhongqin Road North District Taichung city Taiwan
Tel: +886 04-22060733 Ms. Lin or mobile 0908-001622
Time:Mon thru Friday 9:00~18:00
Taiwan’s Locations

Maoli City

Tofen Address: 6F 951 Chunghwa Road Tofen City Miaoli County Taiwan
Maoli Address: 10-8 1 Zhangchen Maoli City Taiwan
Tel: +886 037-597360 or mobile 0908-001622 
Time: Mon thru Friday 9:00-18:00


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